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Purify Detox Package

Purify is the first step to achieving Elite Health, and Elite Health can only be achieved by maintaining a healthy microbiome. The Purify program was designed to target the microbiome and help restore its balance by eliminating harmful microbes and feeding helpful microbes.


The clinically proven solution to regain control of your gut health in 30 days.

Clinically formulated nutrition to help detoxify, cleanse and restore balance.

What products are in the purify course: 1 x BiomeShake, 1 x Pro-Argi-9+, 1 x Body Prime, 1 x Biome DT, 1 x Biome Actives

What’s included:

  • Full in-person or online consultation
  • 2 week & 4 week check-in (45 min appointment)
  • All supplements needed
  • A meal plan to follow

“Ellen really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to nutrition and is such fantastic support guiding you! I’ve started my journey with her and so far my weight loss is going great and I’m feeling so healthy already! Looking forward to continuing this with her. Would highly recommend her if you want to lose weight or just get healthy in general! She’s lovely too! I had the fortune of spending a weekend at one of her retreats with her and she’s fantastic!”